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Del-Mart Molds :: Aluminum Hand Pour Molds :: Lead Molds

Due to backlog, lead molds and blanks are unavailable till after the new year.

All of our lead molds are pretty much custom made lead molds, we will have some lead molds that are online that we stock. Mainly swim bait insert molds and production molds ie all the same weight.
our blanks are made in house and extreamly accurate for repeatability if you decide to machine your own or make some modifications.
stock lead mold blanks are 2.5" x 8" and 3" x 8" 4"x 8".

Due to our lead molds being more of a custom nature we reccomend that you first look at do-it molds to see if they have something you can use. If not will will be more than happy to build you a lead mold.

We build lead molds for pretty much any type of fishing/lure/jig head, and also other commercial applications.

A typical lead mold complete ( blank included) will run about $225-$250, this may change if there is alot of detail in the mold and or company logo's put into the mold. We will get as many cavities as we can into the stock blanks.


  Lead Molds
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